Master the Basics with
a 3-Minute Tutorial Video

Master the basics quickly and gain essential knowledge
for becoming a 3D mapping pro using just a 360 camera°.
Supported cameras
We support 4 Insta360 cameras and Ricoh Theta X, with the Insta360 ONE X2 model being our number one recommendation.
Set up the Insta360 cameras
Let's set up the Insta360 cameras in three simple steps.
Timelapse mode
First, connect your camera and open the Insta360 app. Swipe to Timelapse mode in the bottom menu.
Interval duration
Set the interval duration to 0.5 second.
Auto mode
And make sure the Auto mode icon is selected.
Set up the Ricoh Theta X camera
Let's set up the Ricoh Theta X camera in two simple steps.
Shooting settings
First, turn on your camera, tap the shooting settings icon and select the Video size.
Video size
Set 8k 2fps.
Six capture tips
Now you can start video recording by walking around with your 360° camera mounted on a selfie stick or a helmet. For a higher-quality 3D dollhouse, follow our six tips to take it to the next level.
1. Walk, don't run
Tip 1, hold your camera above your head and walk at a normal pace.
2. Adjust height
Tip 2, capture unique angles and perspectives by adjusting the length of your selfie stick while recording 360° videos. We recommend using the Insta360 Extended Edition Selfie Stick.
3. End where you started
Tip 3, try to keep the starting and ending point of your recording as close as possible.
4. Ensure lighting
Tip 4, ensure sufficient lighting for accurate scene recognition but avoid using a flashlight while walking.
5. Keep distance
Tip 5, keep the 360 camera about 2 feet away from nearby structures.
6. Pause 3 sec
Tip 6, pause walking for 3 seconds in key areas and get high-quality 360 images. By following these simple tips you can achieve even higher-quality 3D dollhouses.
Max 20 min.
Note, you should limit recording time to 20 minutes, as only the first 20 minutes of the video footage will undergo 3D mapping. For reference a 20 minute walk can cover the size of a standard soccer field.
3D perception range
Our 3D perception range is 16.5 feet. So in order to fully 3D map an entire soccer field without any gaps, make sure to overlap your path as shown in the video.
Challenging areas
Cupix creates both a dollhouse and a 360 virtual tour. It's worth mentioning that areas like the examples here can cause partial gaps or scattered points in the dollhouse.