Introducing Cupix VistaPoint™

Cupix VistaPoint is free software that allows users to open Cupix proprietary 3D map files (CPC format) created with CupixVista. VistaPoint offers users a seamless experience of visualizing 3D context and panoramic virtual walkthroughs. It enables effortless measurement of dimensions, flexible data filtering, and the convenient export of data into standard formats.
The CPC format is Cupix's proprietary file type, optimized for 3D map visualization.
Explore the 3D map through textured mesh, colored points, or elevation heatmaps.
Filter the scene by criteria.
Click a pano bubble and open the 360° panoramic image viewer.
Measure your 3D space.
Export data in OBJ, GLB, E57, PLY, and XYZ format or panoramic image as JPEG files.

"CupixVista redefines urban design documentation, transcending physical limitations in academic and industry realms. Its flexible technology simplifies workflows, fostering creativity for designers and students alike. By grounding designs in on-site reality, it expands possibilities, seamlessly merging technology and creativity to revolutionize urban design processes"

Justin Lim
Assistant Professor,
Urban Studies and Design Lab(USDL), Seoul National University